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Healthy Living
Healthy Living

To get rid of pain

Draw your hands to your mouth and pray  and three times. Then place your hands on the wound. Once again draw your hands to your mouth and pray  and thrice. Then place your hands on the affected area. Draw your hands to your mouth a third time, pray  and three times and repeat.

During a fever:-

does not have the letter that is in meaning calamity. Pray Al Hamd 40 times in a bowl of water and then sprinkle the water on the patient.

Dental Care is essential to healthy living:-

Islam stresses dental hygiene.

a: Rasulullah (SA) says: Cleansing the teeth makes the mouth fragrant and pleases Allah.

b: Emphasizing the importance of cleansing he further says: Cleanse the path of the Quran. It implies that    the mouth should be clean in order to be worthy of reciting the words of Allah.

c: Rasulullah (SA) says: Clean the teeth horizontally, not vertically.  Medical research has proven that horizontal brushing benefits the gums.


a: Brushing is the most elemental form of dental hygiene.

b: Flossing, that is cleaning between teeth to remove food particles, is complementary to brushing.

c: Persistent bad breath is not only due to improper brushing but also due to bacteria on the tongue. Tongue cleaners are handy tools.

e: Non-alcoholic mouthwashes aid dental care and fight odors.

f: Clove oil is used to ease toothaches.

g: A visit to the dentist once in six months is advisable.

Healthy Nails:-

Healthy nails are an indication of good health. The color and condition of nails has been used by doctors to diagnose illnesses.

Clipping of the nails is part of Taharat. Shariat directs that:

  • A mumin should trim his nails every Friday. This will result in shifa of the fingers.

  • Islam instructs men to trim their nails short; and women to grow their nails a little longer. The manicured nails of a woman, are aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, the nails should not be long enough to obstruct everyday tasks.

The use of nail-polish is forbidden in namaaz, because it is impure (napaak). A mumina must apply mehndi on the nails for namaaz.

Here are some of the benefits of trimming the nails:

  • The nail plate bends or breaks when stressed. A little pressure during daily work can cause an overgrown nail to separate from the nail bed, thus creating a moist, warm space under the nail where bacteria or fungus can grow.

  • Dirt particles hidden in overgrown nails can play host to Bacterium like Campylobacter which even in small amounts can cause severe abdominal pains.


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